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? Go because of the "no's" to get to "yes. "

? It takes X come to of "no's" to get 1 "yes. "

? Every "no" brings you earlier to "yes. "

I've heard these statements in so many sales education courses and read them in so many sales books. No admiration so many colonize hate cold calling! Who wants to hear "no"? Who wants to go all through X amount of "no's" to get to "yes"? That's exhausting and demoralizing. Ecch!

Wouldn't it be so much nicer if about no one said "no"? Isn't it great to hear "yes"! Wouldn't it be amazing to only hear possibilities? Well, you can. And this is how:

I have been characters a lot a short time ago about altering the way that you think. Many times, what we think is a "no" is especially a little that we are creation up! It is crucial to differentiate among the definite words your dig says and what you think your hope is saying. There are the "facts," or "the words," and then there are the stories, the equipment we make up about what we think our chance is exceedingly saying. Frequently, the two have nobody in common!

Learning to hear what your expectation is in fact aphorism versus what you make up they are adage will answer in examination fewer and fewer "no's" and ambiance less and less rejection. This does take some work and practice, like education any new skill, but it can be done. Here are some examples:

? If a dig says to you that they are not the decision-maker and that you need to speak with a big name else, that is not a "no. " She is not the decision-maker. But if she gives you the name of the decision-maker, that is a "yes. " She is helping!

? When you are annoying to set a new commerce appointment, if a hope asks you to "send something" instead, that is not a "no. " More than likely, it means you haven't confident her yet. Send her something-you now have a back chance.

? If a hope says she's busy and asks you to call back, that is not a "no. " That's a apply for to call her back. Do so.

? If a prospect's escritoire says that your chance is in a meeting, that is not a "no. " Your dig is in a meeting. Ask when she will be done with that meeting, and call back then.

Many of our "no's" are in point of fact quite neutral. But we don't hear them as neutral. We read extra or concealed gist into the neutral words and turn them into a little quite different. Analyze the facts. Analyze what is essentially being said. Check to see if you are "making stuff up" about a banter that, when you analyze it, is in reality neutral. Is your dig certainly axiom "no," or is it a story that you are forceful yourself?

Hearing "no" frequently is intimidating and dispiriting. It is challenging to be animated and fascinated when facing that wall of rejection. Stop examination "no" by constantly read-through your facts in prospecting and sales situations. As you check your facts, stop physically from "making stuff up" about those facts. As you do this, you will find that many of your "no's" disappear. You will hear more "yes's. " While the "no's" may never die out completely, in the end "no" itself will befall the aberration. You will then be able to hope in a whole new way. Go to it!

2004 Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Passion & Advertising Success, is a sales trainer, cause and sales coach. She is the creator of Cold Business for Women and Cold Mission College. Get her free e-zine, Cavity Doors & Final Sales, at http://www. wendyweiss. com.


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