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Telephone canvassing, or cold calling, is the carry out of meeting down with a long list of budding prospects you've never met and telephoning them, one at a time, to learn which of them needs what you sell and then arranging to sell it to them.

Believe me, nonentity likes car phone cold calling. Salesmen don't like it for the reason that they perceive that cold calls are to unfriendly, callous strangers who would considerably see you in a California kickboxing ring, going one-on-one with Controller Arnold, than see you in their offices. It's true. They are. They would.

Prospects don't constantly be glad about cold calls, as they are from associates they don't know, asking questions they don't want to discuss. These calls are unscheduled, forward and every so often can be a broad pain in the South Forty.

At other times, however, prospects do answer well to cold calls. They open up liberally and give us the ability to sell them what they need.

So, here's the dilemma: If we don't like doing it, and prospects don't constantly know when they like it done to them, why is it that we all MUST make cold phone calls part of our advertising strategy? There are countless reasons. Here are just a few:

1. It's the best ever way to become certified prospects and amplify advantageous advertising time.

2. It's also the best ever way to them know what we do.

3. It's targeted. It's the best way to find the decision-maker.

4. It creates a quick individual association with the buyer.

5. It keeps us productive when store transfer is down.

6. It reaches prospects we'll never run crossways in our other promotion activities.

Every time you sit down to make telephone-canvassing calls, can you clear your mind of self-doubt? Concentrate on the goal of the flash and you will find that each new day will bring you new business, will raise you to new heights in authority productivity, and will give you a great sense of not public satisfaction.

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