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Can you close a sale in just seven seconds? If you make a great first impression, you can do it even faster. Seven seconds is the be an average of duration of time you have to make a first impression. If yours is not good, you won't get a different attempt with that aptitude client. But if you make a great first brand you can bet that the client is more expected to take you and your band seriously.

Whether your original assembly is face-to-face, over the phone or via the Internet, you do not have time to waste. It pays for you to absorb how associates make their first common sense and what you can do to be in be in command of of the results.


When you meet a big shot face-to-face, 93% of how you are judged is based on non-verbal data---your advent and your body language. Only 7% is influenced by the words that you speak. Whoever said that you can't judge a book by its cover botched to note that associates do. When your original meet is over the phone, 70% of how you are perceived is based on your tone of voice and 30% on your words. Clearly, it's not what you say---it's the way that you say it.


Although examination shows that your words make up a mere 7% of what colonize think of you in a one-on-one encounter, don't leave them to chance. Articulate some form of thank you when you meet the client. Perhaps, it is "Thank you for captivating your time to see me today" or "Thank you for unification me for lunch. " Clients be conscious of you when you be aware them.


There is no sweeter sound than that of our own name. When you use the client's name in banter surrounded by your first twelve words and the first seven seconds, you are conveyance a idea that you value that character and are all ears on him. Naught gets other people's interest as actually as occupation them by name.

4. PAY Interest TO YOUR HAIR.

Your clients will. In fact, they will announcement your hair and face first. Putting off that much-needed haircut or color job may cost you the deal. Very few citizens want to do big business with a big shot who is down-at-heel or whose haircut does not look professional. Don't let a bad hair day cost you the connection.


People will look from your face to your feet. If your shoes aren't well maintained, the client will difficulty whether you pay consideration to other details. Shoes must be polished as well as correct for the affair environment. They may the last thing you put on beforehand you walk out the door, but they are often the first thing your client sees.


Studies show that citizens who walk 10-20% closer than others are viewed as critical and energetic---just the kind of character your clients want to do affair with. Pick up the pace and walk with determination if you want to impress. You never know who may be watching.


The first move you make when business meeting your prospective client is to put out your hand. There isn't a businessperson everyplace who can't tell you that the good affair handclasp be supposed to be a firm one. Yet time and again ancestors offer up a limp hand to the client. You'll be cool of bountiful an impressive grip and being paid off to a good start if you attitude your hand to make absolute commerce with the other person's hand. Once you've connected, close your thumb over the back of the other person's hand and give a delicate squeeze. You'll have the commencement of a good big business relationship.


It does affair whose name you say first and what words you use when assembly introductions in business. Since commerce custom is based on rank and hierarchy, you want to honor the chief or peak grade character by aphorism his name first. When the client is present, he is constantly the most critical person. Say the client's name first and commence other citizens to the client. The acceptable words to use are "I'd like to introduce. . . " or "I'd like to bring in to you. . . " followed by the name of the other person.

9. NEVER LEAVE THE Administrative center Exclusive of YOUR Big business CARDS.

Your affair cards and how you alias them be part of the cause to your total image. Have a good amount of them with you at all times since you never know when and where you will come across a ability client. How not noteworthy is it to ask for a person's card and have them say, " Oh, I'm sorry. I think I just gave my last one away. " You get the atmosphere that this character has previously met all and sundry he wants to know. Keep your cards in a card case or box where they are confined from wear and tear. That way you will be able to find them lacking a lot of fumbling around, and they will all the time be in immaculate condition.


A smile or affable articulation tells your clients that you are glad to be with them. Eye commerce says you are paying concentration and are engrossed in what is being said. Leaning in for the client makes you act engaged and concerned in the conversation. Use as many signals as you can to look engrossed and interesting.

In the big business environment, you plan your every move with ability clients. You assemble for the appointment, you coach for the meeting, you go over for the presentation, but in spite of your best efforts, capability clients pop up in the most unexpected spaces and at the most fantastic times. For that reason, leave nonentity to chance. Every time you walk out of your office, be ready to make a brawny first impression.

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